15U Ruffnecks Make Good Run at WWBA

15U Ruffnecks Make Good Run at WWBA

6-1 Record Takes 2nd in Competitive Pool in Georgia

Tennessee & Georgia Summer Travels

Tennessee & Georgia Summer Travels

Tough Schedule Teaches "Every Day" Baseball Work Ethic

Ruffnecks Hit the Road

Ruffnecks Hit the Road

15U Success in South Carolina! Seniors begin well in Nashville

Tournament Season is Here!

13U John Milewski at 1B

The tournament season has arrived for the 13U and 14U Ruffnecks.  Both teams find themselves in tournament mode with the unofficial commencement of summer and Memorial Day weekend.  The pivot in the schedule marks the midpoint in the season for the two youngest Ruffnecks teams.  June and July present a steady schedule of tournament activity, culminating in the 14U CABA World Series in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Both squads participate in the CABA event.  For the 13U Ruffnecks, the schedule also presents the challenge of competing in 14U competition.  The bulk of activity in June and July is against 14U teams.  Only the 13U CABA World Series at the NEBC is age-specific.

High School Ruffnecks Begin Soon!

Nearly 60 Ruffnecks players in the classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 have been participating in high school baseball for the past several months.  Many public school players don’t even begin high school playoffs until the first week of June.  The transition from high school ball to Ruffnecks may be a very rapid one this year.  For those whose teams are finished or eliminated from playoffs, Ruffnecks baseball will fill the gap the first week of June.  By the weekend of the Super17 in New Jersey the rosters should be largely intact.  A busy travel schedule is in front of all three older Ruffnecks teams.  The 15s and 16s are traveling to South Carolina for the Black Bear Classic on June 20th.  At the same time, the Senior Ruffnecks begin their 16 day road trip through Tennessee and Georgia.  The summer is just ahead!

Former MLB Pitcher Gomes to Join Staff

Wayne Gomes at 13U/14U Practice

Former Major League Baseball pitcher, Wayne Gomes, is set to join the Ruffnecks coaching staff this summer as pitching coach for the Seniors/17U squad.  He joins skipper John Toffey, and assistants Brendan Casey and John Brickley.  With “Brick” and Gomes, the Ruffnecks have two men with MLB experience to mentor our players during the summer season.  Mr. Gomes enjoyed a 6 year career in the Major Leagues, mostly with the Phillies.  He pitched for the Boston Red Sox in 2002.  After retiring from baseball, Gomes built a successful business with his wife in the health care industry in his home state of Virginia.  He also founded the Virginia Baseball Academy in his home town of Hampton, VA where he remains active instructing and working with young athletes.  Gomes is a graduate of Old Dominion University and is in the school’s Sports Hall of Fame.  He was also inducted into the Hampton Roads African American Hall of Fame in 2010.

“The addition of a pitching coach with these credentials is huge for us this summer,” says Coach Toffey.  Indeed, the staff now consists of four qualified, dedicated, coaches.  Coach Gomes provides direction and experience to a staff of pitchers on the Senior team that has enjoyed success.  Several are headed to top tier Division I colleges.  “The pitchers will benefit from knowing there is a coach focused on their preparation, mechanics, and mindset,” adds Toffey.  Coach Brickley (who also runs the SAT Prep course for the team on the road) remarks, “Someone with Wayne’s background and knowledge is amazing for these kids.  And being a graduate of Old Dominion, he understands the value of heading to college.”

The Ruffnecks continue striving to enhance the experience for players in substantive ways.  Coach Toffey with the final word… “Playing tournaments, travel, and summer baseball is great, but we have focused and serious kids who have fun, and want to get better.  Coaching is important to these kids.  We are lucky to have Wayne join us.  I look forward to learning from him and watching the development of our pitchers.”

Important Notices

(Updated Sunday, July22 at 9:00am)

Elite 8 at Brown University. 
Sunday, July 22 playoff game is canceled.


July 23 - July 25
15U/16U Ruffnecks
at AP Classic
Springfield, MA

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