15U Ruffnecks

15U Season Launches Competitive Demands

2019 15U Ruffnecks

Coach Kevin Graber reminds players that the 15U Ruffnecks season is a transition with a “super ball bounce” in competitive and developmental challenges.  The 15U summer schedule (see schedule page) pits the roster against older competition.  the only event against age-specific competition is at the Perfect Game WWBA in Georgia during late July.  Until that time, the Ruffnecks face teams largely comprised of rising juniors and seniors.

The 2019 Roster is built with players in the class of 2022 (rising sophs), with a few younger 2021s in the mix.  Balance, positional focus, and the meritocracy that emanates from successful hitting (e.g. “loud bats”) further define roles for players at this level.  In general, the roster is structured to accommodate at-bats for 13-14 positional players, some of whom may be two-way players.  Pitchers, especially those who project to be college pitchers, focus more on the training, opportunities to pitch, recovery, development, and the mechanics of their craft with a dedicated pitching coach.  This includes side sessions between starts or relief appearances.

College recruiters look at Ruffnecks rosters by class, so the 15U/2022 team is a priority for most colleges to see in the context of their class… The 2019 schedule delivers a platform on which that exposure is delivered.

The Coaching Staff is experienced and knowledgeable.  Coach Kevin Graber is a teacher of the game with experience at the professional, collegiate, and prep levels.  He was named National High School Baseball Coaches Association Regional Coach of the Year in 2018.  He is joined on the staff by Bryan Muenzner and Eric Chase (pitching coach).

2020 Ruffnecks 15U/2023’s Roster

#Last NameFirst NamePositionsSchoolClassHome Town
4BarlageBrennanIF, OFBelmont Hill2023Wellesley, MA
31BendremerRyanLHPDover-Sherborn2022Sherborn, MA
1BenestadJamesC, IFSt. Bernadette2023Northborough, MA
12ChandorRyanOF, LHPPhillips Academy2023Weston, MA
44DushneyMaxC, IFAshland HS2023Ashland, MA
3GomezMaxOFNoble & Greenough2022Dedham, MA
14HegartyJohnRHP, 1BSt. Sebastian's2023Needham, MA
33HenshonJamesIFRoxbury Latin2024Wellesley, MA
8JewellRyanOFLongmeadow HS2022Longmeadow, MA
27LeeOisinRHP, 1BNewton North HS2023W. Newton, MA
26MilewskiJohnRHP, 1BBelmont Hill2023Framingham, MA
15MitchellJamesIFSt. John's2023Southborough, MA
24MorinMatthewOF, IF, RHPLexington HS2023Lexington, MA
16SkouridesDimitriLHP, OFArlington HS2023Arlington, MA
2SpadacciniTeoRHP, OFPhillips Academy2023Lexington, MA
17SullivanDannyC, IF, OFDover-Sherborn2023Dover, MA
10TedeschiTylerOF, IF, RHPTabor Academy2023Plymouth, MA
9WardHaganRHP, 1BSt. Sebastian's2023Wellesley, MA
Coaching Staff
Kevin GraberHead Coach9th Year
TBDCoach1st Year
Arthur "Ace" AdamsPitching 1st Year

Developmental and Competitive Objectives

  • The 15U Ruffnecks is a high intensity program for high school varsity or varsity-bound athletes.
  • Rosters are comprised of a mix of rising juniors and rising sophomores. Accordingly, we address the recruiting process in exposure-rich competition.
  • We seek to play in the best, most challenging events.  We play a combination of 15U, 16U and even 17U opponents.
  • We expect all players to be fully committed to the Ruffnecks program. There is no time to play for multiple teams in the context of this program.
  • We begin to focus a player’s playing time at those positions our coaches, scouts, and college recruiters project the player to play in college.
  • We begin a serious dialogue regarding a player’s college aspirations and projections for playing college baseball.

Selection to the 15U Ruffnecks

The 15U roster is comprised of a combination of players we have developed in the program and talented newcomers. We add new players each year, and the roster will expand to accommodate more players who see themselves as primarily college-bound pitchers. We seek a balanced roster, and manage playing time in the field in conjunction with sound management of pitchers who may also be two-way players. Players must understand their roles within the team context. We play or practice almost every day of the summer season. Rosters will carry as many as 18 to 20 players. We expect a full commitment to this team and roster.  Travel is expected to be with the team on team provided transportation to all events that are located out of state unless otherwise notified.  Departures from the team for showcases, or college camps during the Ruffnecks season is frowned upon.  Communication is clear between the staff and the family at the time of enrollment regarding a player’s projected role and playing opportunities.  This team is primarily for rising sophomores and young juniors.