Winter Workouts

2017 Harvard Winter Workouts

Inside "The Bubble" Harvard University

Winter Workouts at Harvard University begin in January.  The Harvard Winter Workouts are designed to provide a Spring Training-like opportunity for Ruffnecks players to prepare for the upcoming season.  The workouts are repetition oriented, and build from the principles of development achieved from full-field activity.  The Indoor “Bubble” at Harvard provides a facility in which Ruffnecks coaches and players conduct full-field drills.

Players are expected to wear ONLY Ruffnecks gear to Harvard Team Workouts.  Tee Shirts and Caps are issued.  We ask Ruffnecks players to wear their blue tees or performance shirts, gray baseball pants or Ruffnecks sweats, and their Ruffnecks caps to all Winter Workouts at Harvard.  Long sleeves are strongly recommended.

2017 Harvard Winter Workout Schedule

Saturday, January 2113U & 14UMoved to Sunday13U/14U Session #1
Moved to Sunday, Jan. 22
Sunday, January 22All Ruffnecks - All Teams6:30 - 8:30amReps and Skill Work
Saturday, January 28No ActivityNo ActivityNo Activity
Sunday, January 2915U, 16U, SeniorsCancelledCancelled 1/25
Saturday, February 413U & 14U6:00 - 8:00am13U/14U Session #2
Team Concepts
Sunday, February 515U, 16U, Seniors6:00 - 8:00amHS Session #3
Reps and Skill Work
Saturday, February 11No ActivityNo ActivityNo Activity
Sunday, February 12All Ruffnecks - All Teams6:30 - 8:30am
(Revised 2/8)
All Ruffnecks
Combined Session
Saturday, February 1813U & 14U6:00 - 8:00am13U/14U Session #4
Team Concepts/Scrim
Sunday, February 19No ActivityNo ActivityNo Activity
Saturday, February 2513U & 14U7:00 - 9:0013U/14U Session #5
Scrimmage Game
Sunday, February 2615U, 16U, Seniors7:00 - 9:00HS Session #5
Final Session
Saturday, March 4Make-up DateMake-up DateMake-up Date
Sunday, March 5Make-up DateMake-up DateMake-up Date