COVID-19 Plan

Ruffnecks Summer 2020: COVID-19 Guidelines & Procedures

(Updated Monday, July 6 at 6:30pm)

Ruffnecks Return to Play Plan & Information

(July 7, 2020)

Ruffnecks at Spring Training June 2020

The Ruffnecks continue return-to-play activities with protocols, guidelines, and plans in accordance with the State of Massachusetts RE-Opening Plans: Phase III – Step 1.  Please reference relevant links and information on this page of our website.  Updates are provided as they become available either through the link or through specific program announcements on this page.

For current state guidelines, we ask our constituents to use the general link to for full information across all sectors and for reports on the state response to the pandemic.  A specific link to information guiding youth sports activities is also provided below.

Ruffnecks players and their families are encouraged to make their own, informed, decisions in determining the level of participation in on-field activities.

NEBC Use & Phase III-Step 1 Guidelines

Ruffnecks players, families, coaches shall abide by NEBC guidelines, restrictions, and mandates.  NEBC directives are intended to provide a viable, safe, practice environment.  NEBC guidelines and regulations may change from time to time.  Ruffnecks and NEBC have worked together to maintain a safe environment for return to play activities.

Ruffnecks players and families are expected to arrive and depart from scheduled activities on time.  Departing the premises means going directly to vehicles and vacating the premises.  Players are not to be left waiting for rides at curbside.

Venues other than NEBC may have varying degrees of adherence to State Guidelines.  We expect Ruffnecks players and families to abide by the guidelines for the program and those expected at NEBC.  If a family is uncomfortable about any failures of other venues to adhere to safe standards, please report concerns directly to the Director of the Ruffnecks program. Guidelines for Phase III – Step 1 are provided through the link below:

Phase III – Step 1 Guidelines for Youth Sports

Phase III – Step 1 Youth Sports Begin July 7
Contingency Plan: Week July 6-11

Spring Training Practice Schedule-Updated 7/4

Limited game activity and modified schedules for NEBC activity is available on Team Schedule Pages.  Contingency plans will be posted on the “Play Ball” link as necessary:

Tuesday, July 7
  • 16s Report at 8:00 Field 1
  • 15s/17s Report at 8:00 Field 2 (Split Squad)
  • 13s in Duxbury at 5:30
  • 14s in Foxborough at 5:30

Players and families are asked to adhere to the following protocols regarding practices at the NEBC.  Full guidelines are provided and should be reviewed along with the provisions in the Consent Form.  Families should plan travel to NEBC rain or shine.  In case of a severe, inclement, weather forecast, we will post a notice on this page and the home page of this website by 6:30am the day of the practice.

Please note the following (and read the full NEBC Guidelines):

  1. Players should arrive no sooner than one hour prior to a scheduled event.
  2. Players must wear face coverings everywhere on the premises until they are on the practice field.
  3. Bags must be stored outside the dugouts.  Distancing protocols must be observed in dugouts.
  4. Players must bring their own water.
  5. There is no sharing of equipment other than baseballs.
  6. At the completion of practice, players must leave the premises promptly.