Winter Workouts Underway for Ruffnecks

Swings at NEBC

A busy winter has gobbled up the month of January for Ruffnecks.  The dedicated and long off-season of preparation is flush with opportunities for Ruffnecks.  There is excitement associated with the opening of the indoor hitting tunnels at the NEBC, where Ruffnecks can be found hitting often.  The 13U and 14U Ruffnecks teams conduct weekly sessions in the facility.  Saturdays, Open Hitting hours for Ruffnecks-only, returns the great hitting culture that characterized the program when we had our own facility in Needham.  Ruffnecks of all ages work with each other during Open Hitting hours.  The cages are filled with blue shirts, getting reps, and smoothing out swings.  Young Ruffnecks learn by watching and working with older, more experienced players.  The routines are time-honored… nothing fancy.  Just reps with wood bats.  It is a great sound and a great atmosphere.

Indoor Workouts at Harvard Resume

For the tenth consecutive year, the Ruffnecks program utilizes the indoor “Bubble” at Harvard University to conduct full-field skill work and drills.  On Sunday, January 22nd, all Ruffnecks from all age groups worked together in a brisk, well orchestrated, session at 6:30 in the morning.  The dedication and commitment of Ruffnecks players (and their families) is greatly appreciated by the coaches in the organization.  Winter Workouts continue until the first week of March for all Ruffnecks players.  For those who are in high school, it is a terrific way to prepare for the spring season.  The 13U and 14U Ruffnecks open their season March 11-12 down in New Jersey at Diamond Nation.  Let’s hope for an early spring!