When We Next Take the Field – Rejoice!

When our Ruffnecks teams take the field again it will be a time to rejoice.  We can look to the sky for the angle of the sun, gauge the direction of the breeze, kick the dust (or the infill on the artificial turf), dig in and play.  Right now, we don’t know when it will happen. For now we all bide our time, do our duty for the greater good of public and personal health, and do what we can to prepare for the privilege of playing (and coaching) baseball.  As a community, Ruffnecks continue to communicate with each other.  Bonds of friendship among players and families foster welcome conversations through phone and social media.  Some are getting together with appropriate precautions to play catch or to hit balls.  From us to you… Be careful, take care of yourselves.  Be aware that the youthful sense of invincibility may lead to carelessness for those who may be more vulnerable.  Baseball will be here when the time comes to resume.  And our goal is to preserve the Ruffnecks experience.  Things are changing rapidly; Eventually we hope they turn for the better.

On Thursday, March 12th, 13U and 14U Ruffnecks conducted a practice that was high energy and fun.  The next day, amidst rapidly changing events and precautions, we suspended the spring season for 13s and 14s.  We await an opportunity to reassemble, play ball, and instruct.  Our older Ruffnecks await their high school seasons with uncertainty.  Ruffnecks alums have seen their college seasons come to an abrupt halt.  During this time we all can consider the blessings and joys of the game, our children, and the hopes and aspirations for them as athletes.  We also hope that this serves as a starting point for greater awareness of the meaning of sport.  Perhaps the next time an umpire blows a call we can ignore it more readily.  The next time our child strikes out for the third time in the game, we won’t lecture him quite as long on the car ride home, or take away his cell phone.  Sports, and especially youth sports, have always provided the “Great Distraction” from the troubles of the world.  No one could have imagined a worldly trouble that would preclude gathering together on a ball field to provide relief from our problems.  But here we are.  We all seek ways to turn a negative into a positive.  When we next take the field, everyone be grateful for the moment, enjoy, and celebrate the game of Baseball.