Winter Workouts Done – On To Spring

BC Coach Gambino Addresses Ruffnecks

For the past month Ruffnecks players and coaches have awakened early on Sundays (and Saturdays for the 13s and 14s) to participate in Winter Workouts at Boston College and Harvard University.  Winter Workouts are the Ruffnecks version of Spring Training.  The winter of 2020 offered a compact, focused, series of workouts and practices.  By all measures, the preparation provided an extraordinary opportunity for players to prepare for their spring seasons.  High school aged Ruffnecks find themselves ready for seasons that begin in earnest as early as the first week of March (for some Preps), and for all players by Monday, March 16th.  And the spring is just the beginning of playing baseball until the first week of August.  Yes, the Winter Workouts begin a 6 month journey of baseball for Ruffnecks players.

The Winter Workouts distinguish the Ruffnecks program, not because they make our teams more successful, but because they serve the developmental interests of our players.  These workouts are about going about our business in a “Spring Training” mindset and in preparation and development.  No one is pushed to do more than what should be done.  In fact, the drills and work stations are designed to allow players to get their footing and build strength, confidence, and skills regardless of age and timetable.  We see players arrive at 6:00am for Winter Workouts after playing high school basketball or hockey, wrestling, or other competitive athletics.  We respect multi-sport athletes, and our limited, but efficient Winter Workout program fits them too.

It is a joy to observe older Ruffnecks helping younger players understand the drills, and set an example.  They have been in the younger players’ shoes.  It encourages a natural, mentorship piece to the Ruffnecks experience.  Current Ruffnecks coaches and adjunct coaches make it all happen, bringing their own passion and expertise to the program.  This winter the Ruffnecks enjoyed the presence of professional pitching coach Ace Adams, a veteran of 30 years in Major League organizations.  Ace commented, “I had no idea this program was doing this kind of work.  What terrific kids!  I never dreamed of doing this stuff when I was their age.”  With a nod of thanks to both Harvard and Boston College, we have another great Winter Workout season in the books. Good luck to all our players this spring.