New Season: Fall Baseball Begins

13s Doing PFP Drills

Sunday, September 8th welcomed sunny skies and 45 new 13 year old players to the 13U Ruffnecks Fall Baseball program.  The session began at 8:00 in the morning.  For three brisk hours players ran drills, took reps, and generally got accustomed to baseball on the “big diamond.”  It is a distinctive change of mindset for many players and families.  Batting practice on Field 1 of the NEBC demonstrated how different it really is!  Few balls were hit into the outfield real estate, and even fewer were hit where high school and college teams would position their outfielders.  But this is all part of the plan.  The newest group of 13 year olds were focused, earnest, and active.  Drill stations covered two full fields at the NEBC.  Among the concepts covered were taking leads from 1B; how to dive back to the bag; infield footwork and hand work; and basic long toss protocol.  Sound simple?  Well the game is very simple when it is played correctly and instinctively… That is the introductory message of the 13U Ruffnecks Fall Baseball program.  Each week we layer on more and more information, skill work, and team concepts.  The program runs until the end of October (Sundays ONLY).

HS Wood & College Prep Programs Also Underway

Approximately 80 players are participating in the Fall HS Wood and College Prep programs.  These sessions are a combination of limited drill work and games.  Some games are REd vs. Blue… intrasqaud events with umpires.  They are real games, but allow for some concepts to be taught in the first half hour of activity.  There are also some NEBC Fall League games in which players can participate.  Rosters are shuffled each week.  Ruffnecks Fall Baseball is a relaxed, weekend-only season to enjoy some innings and play.