Ruffnecks 13s and 14s Meet in Nashville

The 13U and 14U Ruffnecks teams collided in an elimination round game at the 14U CABA World Series in Nashville, TN.  The 14s emerged with the win by a 9-1 score.  It was the second time in program history that the two teams met in tournament play outside of the New England region.  The tournament (actually in Lebanon, TN) is one of the longest standing dates on the Ruffnecks calendar.  The Ruffnecks captured the title twice.  This year both teams won games in the playoff round.  The 13s actually got a higher seed after pool play, but in the face to face match up, the 14s had too much fire power for the younger ‘Necks.  As is always the case, the 13s completely emptied the fuel tank in the heat and humidity.  Their efforts drew praise from umpires and opponents alike.  It is the end of the season for the 13s.  The 14U Ruffnecks return to the NEBC for one more event in the 15U High Heat event.