13s & 14s Face High School JV’s

Harrison Milbert pitches for 14s

For several years the Ruffnecks have scheduled midweek games against high school JV teams during the spring.  Often these games are at independent schools where schedule flexibility permits the extra sub-varsity games.  This spring has been difficult, so extra games are welcome.  On April 18th a combined roster of 13U and 14U Ruffnecks traveled to Dexter School in Brookline, MA for a game against Dexter JV’s.  Dexter boasts a strong baseball program, and the filter down effect means that their JV squad has significant talent.  Add the fact the the combined Ruffnecks roster features all 7th and 8th graders, it is a challenge for our young players when facing sophomores and juniors in high school.  The  Dexter game ended in an 8 inning 6-6 tie.  The Ruffnecks pitched five different pitchers: Harrison Milbert, Scooter Beverly, Teo Spadaccini, John Milewski, and Cody Coleman.  Milbert and Coleman both pitched two innings.  All pitchers did a fine job with a good defense.

It was a worthwhile outing for the Ruffnecks.  Facing some “mature” arms from the opponent’s staff, the young ‘Necks swung the bat well and ran the bases aggressively and effectively.  The ‘Necks took a 1-0 lead, fell behind 4-1, and battled to the 6-6 tie.  Catchers Will Fosberg and Tyler Tedeschi alternated innings and did an excellent job.  Both the 13s and 14s continue with NEBA competition over the course of the next several weeks.  An additional high school JV game is scheduled for May 14th at St. Mark’s School in Southborough.  The organization is considering several others to provide opportunities for midweek baseball.

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Early Season Games Get Played!

Spring Joy!

There is no question about it.  Young Ruffnecks are fortunate to have access to the NEBC as their home field and training facility.  The primary benefit… getting on the field!  Getting games in during a cold, wet, and sometimes snowy, early spring is another matter.  Game experience provides an opportunity to put the drill work, skill work, and team concepts to the test.  This is important for all baseball players and teams.  Major League players start exhibition games after just a week to ten days of work at Spring Training.  For Ruffnecks the process is longer, but nothing approaches the situations that arise through game experience.

A Cold & Focused Bench!

Throughout the winter, the 13s and 14s take reps with Ruffnecks players from the high school classes in the expansive Harvard Bubble.  Once the spring begins in early March the 13s and 14s practice, and often scrimmage together.  That arrangement is beneficial, but nothing approximates facing a different opponent.  This spring has been particularly cold.  Nevertheless, the 13s and 14s have been outside, on the fields of the NEBC regularly.  Chilly and windy conditions during mid-week practices harden and prepare the players for potentially uncomfortable weather during games.  The practice conditions also help to build skills, confidence, and the ability “to make routine plays routine.”  What impresses the most, is the desire and interest of the players to get out there, take reps, and really enjoy themselves.  “These kids are committed,” says new coach Ted Christie.  Indeed, the program is fortunate to attract such players.

As of the first weekend in April, the 13U Ruffnecks played seven games!  The 14s have played four.  This is a credit to the partnerships with several terrific opponents who share the objectives of getting games in, and getting out on a field.  Both teams prepare for the Patriot’s Day Bash weekend tournament at the NEBC to kick off the public school vacation week.  The tournament provides a chance to play in an early season event while logging four games (weather permitting).  Of course the turf of the NEBC helps! With a little cooperation from Mother Nature, the players may find warmer conditions a part of the routine.

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The Week Ahead - Notices

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Thursday, May 23
13U/14U Practice
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Monday, May 27th
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