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Ruffnecks Travel & Play Challenging Schedule

17U Team Meeting on Road

All five Ruffnecks teams are busy, experiencing the demands of a challenging summer schedule.  The youngest Ruffnecks teams (13U and 14U) have been competing against a steady diet of older competition.  The 14U Ruffnecks in particular have not faced a 14U team since the first week of June.  They have held their own in 16U and 15U tournaments throughout the New England region.  The 13U Ruffnecks have also faced older competition (15U Uncle Sam World Series) where they found that they can also compete.  The 13s won a game and played several close contests.  Both teams head to Nashville, Tennessee for the 14U CABA World Series.

At the older levels, the experience of Ruffnecks baseball is test of physical stamina for those who truly want to be baseball players.  The 15U, 16U, and 17U teams are in the midst of grueling schedules that challenge players.  40 to 50 games in a 60 day period is a lot of baseball.  The 17U Ruffnecks recently returned from a 16 day road trip through Tennessee and Georgia.  Despite a good showing in Nashville, the squad fell short of expectations in the 17U WWBA in Georgia.  After getting out to a 2-0 start, the “Seniors” dropped two close 1-run games in their pool.  Indeed, it was a balanced and talented pool.  The Senior Ruffnecks turn their attention to the Boston Invitational and the Boston Open before hitting the road again when they attend the Perfect Game Elite Championships in Hoover, Alabama.

16U Ready to Play

The 15U and 16U Ruffnecks attended the Music City Classic in Nashville, Tennessee June 25 -29.  The 15s did exceptionally well going 3-0-1.  The 16s were less successful, but prepared, practiced, and played a challenging schedule.  Both teams returned to the NEBC to compete in the 16U PG Super25 regional.  Currently, the 16U Ruffnecks are attending the Perfect Game WWBA July 4-11 in Cartersville, GA.  The challenging event consists of 7 games in Pool Play.  Only pool winners advance to the playoff rounds.  The 15U Ruffnecks head to Georgia July 11th for the only age-specific event they play all summer, the 15U WWBA.

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Ruffnecks Roll Into Summer

All five Ruffnecks teams are in full throttle as summer travel, and tournaments at the NEBC are in full swing.  The 13U and 14U Ruffnecks continue play in the New England Region with tournaments at Cape Cod, in Connecticut, and at the New England Baseball Complex.  The 14s face a challenging schedule, competing in several 15U events and even one 16U event.  The 13s work their way through a combination of 13U and 14U competition with the final season-ending tournament scheduled for the 14U CABA World Series in Nashville, TN.

The 17U “Senior” Ruffnecks roll into a 16 day road trip through Tennessee and Georgia.  After a perfect 3-0 record at the Super17 Invitational in Flemington, NJ, the Senior ‘Necks flew to Nashville on Wednesday, June 19th.  They opened play at the 17U Music City Classic by splitting their first two games in a 2-0 loss and with a 13-3 win at Vanderbilt University.  Silas Reed and Thomas Chmielewski threw will in the 2-0 defeat.  Seamus Barrett and David Thomas both threw well in the 13-3 game at Vandy.  Colby Burke, Holt Fletcher, Raul Diaz, and Richie McNamara have been hitting well.  The lineup features a combination of speed and power.  The trip takes the Ruffnecks to Nashville for 7 days, then to the Perfect Game 17U WWBA in the Atlanta area.  The WWBA is always a difficult grind, and the Ruffnecks have drawn a highly competitive pool.  In late July the 17U squad travels to Hoover, Alabama for the Perfect Game Elite Championships.

Warming Up at Vanderbilt

Meanwhile the 15U and 16U Ruffnecks are competing in the 17U PG Super25 at the New England Baseball Complex.  Both teams find themselves in close, well-contested ball games.  Coaches Graber and Fredericks use the 17U event to prepare the two teams for the 16U Music City Classic from June 25 to June 29.  Each team returns home, then travels to Georgia in July for the 15U WWBA and the 16U WWBA respectively.

Summer for Ruffnecks players is a full-time commitment at a high level of competitive baseball.  It is a commitment of traveling together, living on the road, eating together, playing together, and picking each other up.  It is a time to enjoy the fruits of good coaching at the hands of veteran coaches.  It is not easy, but it is fun for us!

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The Week Ahead - Notices

(Updated Sunday, Feb. 9)


Saturday, February 15
(All Ruffnecks)
9:30 to 12:00

Sunday, February 16
No Winter Workout
(Long Weekend)

Saturday, February 22
13U & 14U Practice
at Harvard University
6:30am to 9:00am

Sunday, February 23
Winter Workout #3
at Harvard University
7:00am to 9:00am
(All Ruffnecks)

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